“When you do something for the environment, you help yourself”, says Shilpi, a kitchen gardener from Haryana. An enthusiastic young woman who wishes to take every small step that benefits the environment, Shilpi mentions that growing vegetables and fruits enhances oxygen in the air, improves the quality of soil, reduces the carbon footprint of transporting fruits and vegetables, and helps in rainwater harvesting. Shilpi has a beautiful kitchen garden in her 500 square yards empty residential plot, and also has a terrace garden, where she grows the plants in waste containers and pots. She grows all seasonal vegetables like Radish…

Sameet’s family introduced him to gardening in 2008 when he was 12 years old. In his school library, he found gardening books and was astonished by the fact that he could grow vegetables on the terrace! He decided to start growing tomatoes, chili, beans, etc, with the guidance of his family.

After his undergraduate studies, he got involved in this process more. Currently, he has 70–80 pots on his terrace including herbs, ornamentals and vegetables. The biodiversity he witnesses in his garden has brought him closer to nature. As an eco-conscious person, Sameet uses discarded thermocol boxes and plastic containers…

Story of BAIF supported “Kalsubai Parisar Biyane Sanvardhan Vikas Sanstha”, a Tribal community organisation from Akole tribal block of Ahmednagar district in Maharashtra.

AUTHORS: Sanjay Patil, Yogesh Nawale, Jitin Sathe (BAIF Development Research Foundation)

Women Enterprise - Kitchen garden seeds marketing

World Health Organization suggested that one of the main strategies to improve nutrition is increased dietary diversity at the household level. Nutrition awareness programmes emphasize the need for including locally available fruits and vegetables in the daily diet. Every woman in tribal communities has a vital role in converting her surrounding vacant land into a kitchen garden, in which location-specific seasonal vegetables and fruits are grown…

Story of Nilesh Nahar from Udaipur, Rajasthan

Plucking a tori from his rooftop garden, Nilesh delightfully mentions, “It is after many years that I have eaten a dish made of tori (ridge gourd) peels.” Nilesh used to have this dish in his childhood. But with fertilizer and pesticide-laden vegetables, a recipe like that of tori peels sabji got lost from Nilesh’s family. The roof-top garden at his home in Udaipur in Rajasthan took shape in 2018. …

Source: Development Alternatives

Yashoda Devi, like many others in Gidhiya Parashiya village in Sonbhadra, Uttar Pradesh has lived a life of small means.Working from dawn to dusk in her own few acres of land, she also provided labour for maintaining the crops of others. Not much had changed since she started working as a little girl. Now at 33, she had lived more than three decades of her life in poverty.

Sonbhadra, a hilly region in Eastern Uttar Pradesh, is predominantly dependent on rain-fed agriculture. Though major crops grown here are maize, pigeon pea, and black gram, farmers also cultivate…

Poshan Garden

A nationwide campaign to scale efforts of Kitchen Gardening to build a healthier and resilient future

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